IDEAL courses for Arizona

This is an introductory course set-up to help practitioners develop a site plan for offering distance or blended learning to the adult learners.  It is also a prerequisite for IDEAL 102: Instructional Issues or IDEAL Program Administration.

This course is for program managers who have had some experienced with distance or blended learning. The class is built around relevant articles and developing a case study, which the class discusses. It is an opportunity for program managers to share insight and information with each other. Through interaction with assigned literature and discussion of their case studies, each participant arrives at a few ideas to pilot to solve the issue described in the case study.  After a month of piloting they report back on their success in a webinar. Participants will also have the opportunity to gather information and develop narrative text that they can use in grant applications and state reporting.

This mini course introduces participants to essential and foundational information about blended learning. It includes key definitions, strategies, examples, and reflective activities primarily presented in multimedia format. The goal of the course is for teachers to have a basic understanding of the different forms of blended learning and how they might integrate them into their coursework.