This course provides a theoretical background and introduces practical methods for implementing contextualized instruction.  Participants will:

1) Explore instructional methods that support contextualized instruction

2) Investigate authentic curriculum samples

3) Design a plan for lesson development.

Estimated time: 24 hours, depending on your pace and style of learning

This course was developed by the College & Career Pathways Institute at LaGuardia Community College in partnership with World Education, Inc.

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What is numeracy? Is numeracy just another word for math? How should you approach numeracy with adult students? In this foundational course you'll learn how to keep students at the center of numeracy instruction. You'll explore the context, content, and cognitive and affective components of numeracy, how to address the needs of students with learning gaps, how students' styles of learning math and levels of math knowledge affect their math skills, and ways to build student's success in learning math. You'll plan classroom activities, test them with your students, and share your experiences with fellow teachers.

Estimated completion time: 12 hours

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This  course introduces participants to essential and foundational information about blended learning. It includes key definitions, strategies, examples, and reflective activities partly presented in multimedia format. The goal of the course is for teachers to have a basic understanding of the different forms of blended learning and how they might integrate them into their coursework for English Language Learners.